We Want Corporate Video

You want corporate video?

But how do you choose your producer?

You’re going to spend your money so you need to be sure you’re going to get a good result.

You want your corporate video to be much more than just pretty pictures.

You want a corporate video producer who understands the numerous uses of corporate video and the way you can get most mileage from your footage.

Here’s a few things to think about. There are no absolute right or wrong answers to these questions; they’re just to clarify your options:

Am I talking to the guy who’s going to shoot my video or just a sales person?

I’ve got nothing against a sales force, the world would stop without them, but, occasionally they’re more concerned with targets, or keeping all their production teams working, than giving you what you want.

Video is a bespoke product not mass market.

With me, I’m the guy who makes your video; I write the script, shoot the footage and edit it too.

I know everything about every project – you get a personal service, and I get the satisfaction of a job well done.

I’m not a big company – it’s just me and, if necessary, selected freelancers – you can count on me – I’ve never missed a deadline.

Do they understand more than video?

You need a corporate video producer who understands sales and marketing, understands your company and your customers, understands how the chosen audience of the video will interpret what they see.

You need a corporate video producer who’ll create a video that will engage your audience so they will stay awake and absorb the content.

You need a corporate video producer who understands the numerous uses of corporate video.

It’s your choice – machine or individual?

You need a producer who has the flexibility, passion and desire to produce an outstanding and successful video, a producer who wants your video to be the best, not finish at 5.30pm because the sales force have got them another job booked in the morning.

If a better opportunity develops, does the producer have the authority to change things or are they stuck with the pre-sold schedule?