Video Testimonials with Power

Video Testimonials – Powerful Sales Communication for your Business – and mine too

Video Testimonials – Your current clients are your best opportunity to influence your prospective clients to let them know you’re the right person to do business with.

Decision makers aim to make the best decision but the fear of making a bad decision haunts them – video testimonials will help your prospective clients sleep at night and they’ll love you for it

Paula, from Kenneth Green Associates – the UK company that handles most of the world’s major perfume brands – chose Alan Howarth Video as the method of communication to secure selection as world leaders in product training and distribution of a new product launch for Bulgari perfume.

Consider this: Would she risk her reputation or Kenneth Green Associates unless she believes in my ability to deliver a high quality corporate video production for you?

Video Testimonials give your sales and marketing messages integrity and credibility

Give your potential clients security and peace of mind.

76% of people (your potential clients) don’t believe companies tell the truth in advertisements.*

78% of people (your potential clients) trust the recommendations of other people.*


Now, which of your clients will you choose for me to film for your video testimonials?

Video Testimonials – Other considerations

Build Confidence – Your client’s testimonial is targeted squarely at new clients – make your new buyer feel you’re a ‘no risk’ decision

Be Specific – Let your client’s testimonial describe a problem they had and how you solved it, without hassle.

Be concise – Get the main points covered in the first minute or so. After that your client’s testimonial can add more detail and extend various points – some new client’s can’t get too much reassurance, but don’t let it become waffle.

Use actual location footage – Always, if possible, show some footage of your product or service being used by the client giving the testimonial – it adds credibility.

Use real people – Asking one of your clients to provide a testimonial makes them feel appreciated and respected 

It’s more than a sales testimonial for new clients it also reaffirms your current client’s feeling of status and value.

Use real people 2 – Don’t even dream of using a ‘plant’..

Potential clients know if you’re faking it

Be generous – Let your client who’s giving the testimonial mention their own company, briefly.

No scripts – It’s needs reality, with the occasional ums and errs, that makes it so powerful – testimonials come from the heart and are delivered in natural language.

Relax – Part of my role is to help your client produce the testimonial you want, it’s what I do, coax people to say what is required without them feeling coerced and bullied.

Video Testimonials make excellent video emails for marketing and sales.

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