We Need Corporate Video

Do you really need corporate video? 

Many years ago a client said to me: “My business has got to the size that I think we need a corporate video.”

Sounds a crazy thing to say, but years ago that was the way things were.

Video was so expensive it was more a badge of status than a communication tool

It said: “See how successful we are, look how well we’re doing.”

Now video is a major part of any right thinking company’s communications strategy.

It’s not so much: “We need corporate video.” it’s more: “How many do we need?”

Here’s a few points to consider in selecting a video producer.

What am I paying for?

How much am I paying for my video and how much for the producers overheads?

How much is the salesman’s commission?

Am I paying enough?

Are they under financial pressure, will they cut corners?

Are they charging enough?

Do they have time to experiment?

Do they have time to keep in touch with new developments?

Do they stretch themselves creatively or is it just a ‘sausage factory’ process?

Have they got any video testimonials?

Video testimonials you’ve got the best introduction to your potential producer

You know that serious business owners would not risk their reputation to support a poor performing company

That’s why I show testimonials on my site . . . all over my site.

If you need corporate video

Why wouldn’t you call me for a chat about your project?

And finally

What does their website say about your producer?

Are they offering advice and information or just a pitch?

If you’re new to video do you feel you can ask those newbie questions without being laughed at, or taken advantage of?

A website is usually an expression of a company’s production style.

Are they suit and tie, comfortably casual or gold lamé and sequins?

Look for something, and someone, that appeals to you.

If you’re seeking sleek glitz – you’ll find it – if you want fixed and formal – it’s there too.

My site

‘Design-wise, it’s clean and direct, gets the message across without frippery or excess.’

I hope it also says: ‘Here’s a guy who cares about what he does, wants to produce great video with honesty and integrity. Has a broad range of skills and experience in the industry, but he’s still open to new ideas.

He wants to be paid for it, but isn’t greedy.’

(Well, that’s what I hope my site conveys!)

If that’s what you want from your corporate video and your corporate video producer, give me a call.

Especially if you need corporate video NOW