Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production: Your business’s most powerful communication tool

It gets your message to your audience, but beware, there are two ways to go.

The right way – produce a video that works for your customers and clients – let them see you’re a good company to deal with, let your clients and staff do the talking.

The wrong way – produce a video that works for the CEO and management – make them feel good and gives them all a chance get in front of the camera to speak.

Make it a documentary that communicates

Corporate Video Production: What should it feel like?

If your company video looks like ‘corporate video’ you’ve wasted your money. Today’s business productions should feel like a broadcast documentary, it should be as engaging as good TV.
We’ve all had to sit through one of those high energy, whizzing graphics, high power corporates, for the first 10 seconds you think WOW! by 25 seconds you’re thinking OUCH! after 50 seconds it’s like you’ve had your brain scrambled.

Get your message across, put it’s arm around your audience’s shoulder and guide them to your answer, don’t need to mug them like a street thug.

Check out all of my corporate video production pages

Corporate Video Production – How do you use it?

Your company video can do so much, and it’s endlessly re-usable.

Direct Mail, Brochures, Catalogues, Exhibitions, Giveaways, Magazine Inserts, Video Newsletters, Video Demonstrations, Website Presentations, Sales Lead Generation and Follow Up, Testimonials, Viral Advertising.

Corporate Video sells.
Corporate Video informs.
Corporate Video is almost ‘being there’.
Corporate Video is the best business communication apart from you.

Corporate Video – Planning:

Production planning is a 3 question business.
1. What do want your corporate video production to communicate?
2. How much is this communication worth to your business?
3. Can you achieve this communication within your business budget.

OK, there’s a lot more to it than that, but those three questions are the important ones. You’ll find some more corporate video planning ideas here. Talk to me the moment you think corporate video may be your chosen communication route.

Corporate Video – Documentary Style:

Rule 1 of corporate video – it will only work if it’s watched.

The surest ways to judge effectiveness is how engaging is it to someone who isn’t interested in you, your company or your product.

If you can capture that audience you’ve won

And documentary video works

Razzle Dazzle runs out of steam after 30 seconds, that’s why your video needs interesting content to keep your audience watching and absorbing you message – unless you can say everything you need to say in 30 seconds.

Corporate Video – We want one:

OK, you’ve thought it through, your corporate video, you want one. That’s the easy part. There’s a lot of decisions to make – perhaps the most important is who’s going to produce it.

Look through my corporate video pages, it gives you an insight into what you can do with corporate video and I hope it will help you choose the right producer.

I work at my best – doing work I enjoy – in a style that I enjoy – if it’s not the style for you, that’s fine. I’m still here to help if you’re not sure what sort of corporate video you want.

Corporate Video – We need one:

Of course you need a corporate video – everybody does.

Look through my corporate video pages and you’ll realise that exactly what you need a corporate video for may not be the same idea that you started out with.

If you want some advice, ask, there’s no commitment in a question.

Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video will work for your business if you; keep it active, keep it interesting, keep it short, maintain reality, maintain integrity, engage your audience and – keep it within budget. My theory: If it looks like a corporate video promotion it wont communicate – if it looks like television it will.