Corporate Documentary Video

Corporate Documentary Video – the only way you can really communicate your message

People want information from your corporate video,

especially web video.

They certainly don’t want a hard sell advert.

That’s why a Corporate Documentary Video succeeds

How else can you introduce you and your product to your potential client,

Show them how it works,

Let them see it being made.

Introduce your team to them,

Remember: People buy People

Corporate Documentary Video it’s all in the planning

Lets them see what a great bunch of people they buying into

Successful Corporate Video is about communication

Get the message to your audience – nothing else matters.

This usually means working with the right person.

Someone who’ll listen to your ideas and needs

Someone with the skill, knowledge and ability to translate them to video

If you and your film maker are heading in different directions nobody will be happy with the end result.

You want your video to achieve what you expect, and a little more

I want your video to achieve everything I’ve said it will, and a little more

It’s not about the director being an artist

It’s not about the editor being clever

It’s not about the camera operator being ‘creative’

And it’s not about your MD’s ego either

It’s not a video game, it’s not a music video

Corporate documentary video is created for your audience, your viewer

What do you need them to know?

What do you need them to learn?

What do you want them to do next?

Content is king

This is the key note of my production ethos – content is king.

Anything else is there to make up for a lack of content: Unexpected visual effects – outlandish dissolves – strange cuts – etc

If the weird stuff starts creeping in it’s usually because the content is weak.

Ask yourself: “What does this add to my story?”

Corporate Documentary Video – the way to convince your target audience