About Alan Howarth

I’m Alan Howarth

Freelance Video production is an amazing pleasure, the way in which it can help the marketing and business communications of any business – I have an appetite for variety – have done all my life. But that’s a big plus if you use my services.

Every day is a new day; I’m always fresh and excited, always ready for any challenge.

Brief Bio

Born Cromer, Norfolk.

Don’t remember a lot: I was told off for pulling tail off rocking horse when I started school (4 years old), missed the school bus and walked 1-mile home on my 5th birthday, everyone was waiting for me, or were they really waiting for jelly and blancmange? Last time I was there, June 2010, hardly anything had changed, though everything seem much smaller than I recall!

Age 5
Moved to Luton, Bedfordshire.

Junior School, Wolf Cubs, Bike Rides, Wardown Park Lake for sticklebacks, First girlfriend, Rosa Brown.

Age 11
Moved to Newgate Street, Hertfordshire.

I’m just a country boy! Running through fields and woods, listening to 45’s always with Mick, best mate, or Jennifer, first love. She dumped me when I was 15, she went off with John, he was 3 years older and had a Lambretta, with lots of lights and an aerial – I was desolate, but she made the right choice, they’re still together, sans Lambretta.

And then?

Left school, left Newgate Street, learnt to hitch hike, spent a few years saying things like “Far Out Man” , busking badly, and spreading peace and love to the best of my ability, got married, split up, met Julia, lost Julia, wonder what she’s doing now? I even saw England win the World Cup.

Over the next several years I hit the highs, had four children, hit the lows when the 90’s recession bit my bum along with a few creditors, but in those days you paid your debts, and I did too.

University of Central Lancashire and Freelancing in TV – Video – Photography – Writing 

It’s a brilliant life, so far, just out of my third (and final) marriage, four children, five grandchildren – I’ve tasted fame (received mail addressed to Alan Howarth, England) I’ve tasted failure (collapse of one business and three marriages) but I’ve never given up, cos’ I’m an optimistic kind of guy . . . . . . and I’ve still got A Head Full of Ideas.

So, if you’ve got a problem with your words and images, or you think they aren’t working hard enough for your business.

  • If you need to talk about innovation and new ways to get your message to your audience.
  • If you wonder how the reducing cost, and increasing number of video applications can create new opportunities for you, your website and your business.
  • If you’re looking for good value and a good product from a person who listens to what you say and who’s easy to work with.

Give me a call

My single-minded approach to work and life means everything I’m involved with draws from the wealth and depth of my whole life’s experience – a range of creative skills – a sense of humour – a love of people – a head full of ideas – energy, excitement, enthusiasm, commitment, practicality, dedication, integrity, wisdom – and a host of good contacts

  • I do what I enjoy and I enjoy what I do – but I’m no dilettante – I work hard.
  • I know about deadlines. I know about cash flow, margins and profit.
  • I understand the hard, and sometimes harsh, realities of business.

Your opportunities will grow with me on your team

My multi-faceted experience can deliver numerous media solutions and opportunities to your business – some maybe you haven’t considered.

Your business will benefit from my involvement